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My interest in fungi started when I was 10 years old. A neighbor told us that we had chanterelles growing on our property in Humboldt county California. My mother had collected mushrooms with her mother and my grandmother's good friend Margaret McKenny. After eating the chanterelles that my mother recognized, we got some books and the rest is history.

My interest in computers has led me to create several mushroom related websites including the Santa Cruz Fungus Fair Site and, in collaboration with Elio Schaechter, A Mycological Voice From the Past, which celebrates an early work on Phallus by Hadrianus. My current projects include Taxonomic Changes for Mushroom Field Guides and the Fungus Species Lists Site

I have taken photos of fungi for many years some of which have been online for a while. More recently I have added a much large collection of my images at:

Last modified: August 23, 2006

Nathan Wilson, nathan at collectivesource dot com