Parasola plicatilis

(Fries) Fries

Note: recent genetic evidence indicates that this species should no longer be considered in the genus Coprinus. The new proposed name is Parasola plicatilis (Fries) Redhead.

Nathan Wilson
My front lawn in Los Angeles, California.
Spring 1995
This delicate species makes up for its small size through numbers. For a while last spring between 10 and 20 caps would appear in my lawn early each morning only to shrivel up and disappear by 10am. It is now a year later and caps are continuing to show up, though not in as great numbers, probably because I cut back a bit on my watering - or maybe I'm just sleeping in a bit longer.
Original image was taken on 35mm Fuji Velvia using a Nikon 55mm macro lens. The image was scanned on a Power Mac 8100/100 using a Microtek ScanMaker 35t slide scanner and Adobe Photoshop.

The original photograph was awarded an honorable mention in the limited pictorial category of the 1995 North American Mycological Society photo contest.

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